Search for what’s good and embrace its benefits. Reading is one of the powerful aspects that can develop people speedily. Those engaging in reading can attest more of the importance of reading.

Reading does not only concern studying a particular topic, but diverse subjects which expose the readers to know…

Let me tell you how I got this piece.

As a writer, you can be inspired by anything. Sometimes, the rustling air will remind you of the wonders of the Creator. Even the blazing sun can also expose mysteries to you.

Inspiration can also come when you're alone, ruminating about…

"Ugly events will scare you from traveling. Those occurrences are contributions to your life; cause, stories are engagement of experience." Uncle Walter muttered while cogitating to visit the aesthetic New York city.

Fortunately, on January, Mrs Edith took me to the great Statue of Liberty and from there we sailed…


not all placards need attention

but there is a plight beyond placards

the pastures of our fathers are no more

meadows we hope on germinate not

no moors uncovered

our mothers' marshes are dried up

even the mills and castles are dilapidated

on a summer dark day,

while roaming…


Some men are gods
some men are heroes
some men are like trees
bearing fruits day and night.

Tales in the Niger Delta region

Delving on certain facts will enable someone to gather wide knowledge in life. Lifestyles, learning processes, cultures are not limited to a particular clime. Therefore, some lifestyles, practices, cultures will look bizarre to those who are not acquainted with.

Strangers will see such way…

What is poetry?

Poetry is diverse flows

Exhibiting man's nature.

So, why poetry in tort class?

Maybe the pen will answer question.

Don't touch me

If you touch without my consent,

It's battery poetically.

Don't threaten because of my soil

If you do

I will sue for assault.

Don't disparage…

Marriage in Ijaw culture

“The root of a tree enables its size. So, the history of a tree starts from its root and if mistakenly forgotten, its meaning cannot be actualized.” Ebi asserted in a conference while contributing salient issues of the Ijaw marriage culture.

Let’s not bother to decipher…

Goto Emmanuel

Goto Emmanuel is an essayist, content writer, motivational writer, poet, playwright and a budding lawyer. He believes the power of writing to impact.

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