Democratic Party needs to listen to voters before it’s too late; Clinton nomination guarantees…
Yvonne C. Claes

Very very well written — thank you for doing so. I was at the Seattle rally yesterday — very very impressive. I think I kind of represent ALOT of people as I meet more and more at events. I am 43 and have NEVER been engaged in the political process in the US. Not for lack of intended effort but because I never saw a candidate that represented the honest values I hold very close to my heart. #bernieorbust is my focus exactly. Win or loose his campaign has and is developing OUR revolution. If he is not nominated — I will not waste my vote on someone that I do not believe in and or trust. If I had ONE WISH and ONE WISH only — would be for Sen Warren to stand up finally and endorse and run with Sen Sanders all the way to the white house before it is too late. #feelthebern deep in my soul.

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