My experience developing the TwittaSave app; lessons learnt.

Emmanuel Kehinde
Jul 31, 2017 · 4 min read

Few weeks back, I rolled out the first and second release of the TwittaSave app, an app that enables you to download videos and animated gifs from tweets to your device easily.

I really appreciate Andela Nigeria for giving me the opportunity to showcase the app at the GDG Lagos Developer Conference that took place few days ago.

The main purpose of this post is to briefly discuss few lessons I learnt from developing this app. However before going into that, I will like to give you more detail about the app.

Once again, TwittaSave is an app that enables you to download videos and animated gifs from tweets to your device easily. It is available in three distros — Android, Web and Chrome Extension. Links are available below:



Chrome Extension:

TwittaSave is Open Source and is available in the Links below:



Chrome Extension:

Now, back to the main reason for the post; lessons learnt.

Build something today!

A lot of people think of ideas and discard them, thinking they are useless or won’t be loved by people. This happens a lot and has killed a lot of (app) ideas. But I’ve come to learn that no matter how stupid or not feasible an idea is, it’s worth trying. You never can tell if your (app or product) idea is the solution to someone’s problem somewhere or that which someone somewhere has been expecting somebody to build.

TwittaSave is a simple idea…YES! but reactions from users have taught me that it’s worth trying out something, no matter how stupid or simple it may be. Below are some of the reactions from users concerning TwittaSave:

Image for post
Image for post
Image for post

Discover what your users really want to see/experience in your app.

I’ve come to understand that it’s not enough to just develop and release an app or product, but it’s necessary and important that you follow up with user reviews, comments and recommendation. You need to listen to your users and hear from them , those things they really want to see or experience in your app.

Image for post
Feedback and recommendation from a user

And so I added the AutoListen feature as requested for by the user (as in the image above), published it and got these responses (as in the image below) from the users.

Image for post
Awesome response from users.

There is something about every app that makes users still keep it on their device.

Discover yours!

Leverage on the Social Media.

When you develop a product, someone somewhere in the world might be expecting such a product. So, it is important that you let the world know. One of the ways of getting this done is through the Social Media, be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. These are great resources to letting people know about your product.

Twitter has really helped get TwittaSave in the hands of people.

Image for post
Let people know about your product.

And so the tweet got over 200 retweets and likes on twitter and TwittaSave got over 100 downloads on Playstore, all within few days.

Such is the power of the Social Media…learn to use it!

Always remember to say thank you!🙂

It is really cool to know that we have a great developer community across the world. Imagine someone ready to develop iOS app for TwittaSave voluntarily. YES! voluntarily! This is how far the community can go to support you and even your product.

But when this comes, it is important that you appreciate both the community and the users at large. Always remember to say thank you!

Image for post

I’ve finally come to the end of my long epistle 😆 but I hope and believe you have learnt a few lessons from my little experience. Thank you for reading!

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