Nigerian Android developers; we can do more!

Although this seems to be my first medium post, yet I have to write like I’ve been writing here for long 😉.

Just a few days ago, a thought that has been sown in my heart all this while germinated…YAAAY!!!😎 And what is it?

Drum roll………

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Drum Roll

As a Software developer, I notice there are these two common sides to Software Development (Speaking of Nigeria), it’s either you are into Web development or Android Development (note the word ‘common’).

Now, looking at the developer communities we have in Nigeria, I can boldly say that we are doing great, just that we can do more. I will quickly make a comparison between the Web developer community and the Android developer community.

Online Resources:

I will mention a few websites while you will tell me something common to them…(Sorry I gave you a task 👋😊 ).
- (by Chris Sevilleja and Nick Cerminara — Has many Nigerian Writers)
- (by Prosper Otemuyiwa — Nigerian)
- (by Ire Aderinokun -Nigerian)
- (by Jeffrey Way —Has many Nigerian Writers)

Now tell me something common to them… If your answer is “Web”, then we are on the same page.
These online resources provide series of courses and tricks for Web development, and most of these websites have stood the test of time and have been proven to provide courses of good quality and from qualified developers.

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Now the question is, how many of this kind of resources are available to Android developers? Don’t quote me wrong, surely there are resources available to Android developers. Websites such as,,,, provide general courses. But there are few or no websites dedicated to teaching Android developers, courses on Android development.

We need to do more!


I believe this year alone, I have attended three meetups while I’ve missed many. Among these meetups are ngnigeria, forloop, LaravelNigeria, Docker- Lagos, and so on. Looking vividly at these meetups listed earlier, they happen to focus on one thing, “The Web”. Only a few of them even talk about DevOps. I once met one of our notable Nigerian Android devs, Efeturi Money at forloopUI where he talked about “Getting started with Android development”, which was a bit surprising to me. In fact, most of these meetups are being organised by notable Nigerian Web developers, the likes of Prosper Otemuyiwa, Neo Ighodaro, Chris Nwamba, Adewale Abati, etc. which is why having talks on Web development is not far-fetched.

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No wonder…🤔

Thanks to Andela for providing Android developers with the opportunity to learn and also earn Udacity’s “Associate Android Developer Certificate” for free, through the Andela Android Community (ALC) programme which began a few weeks ago.

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Thank you!

This is a call to our notable Nigerian Android devs (Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, Segun Famisa, Efeturi Money, Akapo Damilola Francis etc) and everyone, we need to do more! We need to provide resources to Android developers. We need to organise meetups and get everybody going on the same pace with latest concepts and tricks in Android development.

It is high time we had meetups like KotlinNigeria👍, RxJava-NG✌️, Retrofit-NG, MainActivity 😃, Gradle-Nigeria 😉, etc.

I know this may take some time but I believe we can; YES WE CAN!!!

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