Did Malika Favre design the last American Express ad?

On my way back home yesterday, I saw this ad on the overground for American Express. First I liked the pun on “a room with a view” and “a view with a room”, and then I looked better to the illustration and it made me think about Malika Favre illustrations, a French illustrator living in London.

It could actually be because, since 2014, Amex have been partnering with artists and designers including Johan Thörnqvist, Andy Hau and Supermundane to crank out unique pieces of social media content based on their work. So maybe they tailored this to a print campaign as it worked really well two years ago? And as Malika Favre is living in London… Everything is possible!

After my tweet, Malika gave me an answer and unfortunately it wasn’t her but Tom Haugomat that I love as well. He actually already designed for Evian, for the partnership between Burberry and Printemps in 2014, for Dots & Co (the games), etc.

I now really fancy going on holiday thanks to this beautiful illustration… I, unfortunately, don’t have an Amex to do that so I will only spend my night to dream on their Instagram account

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