I live in a small town in the southeastern United States, where the overwhelming majority of people are monolingual. The second language they make us learn in school is Spanish; the universities want us to take it. But, everyone just forgets it after a couple of years.

Only about 18% of Americans claim to speak another language. Globalists, as part of their ideal world, will tell you that the language deficit in the United States is a problem. They’ll tell you that people in America need to learn more languages.

The reason that Americans do not learn foreign languages is…

I recently finished the landing page for a web app called Vocabulaid, that helps English learners to improve their speaking skills. Learners click through sets of English words accompanied by a recording of a native speaker pronouncing the word. Another use for the web app could be to help learners differentiate between and master difficult words like drought, thought, and wrought.

If this sounds interesting to you, I put a form on the site for a waiting list. I’ll alert you when Vocabulaid is ready. Any feedback is appreciated!

Link to Vocabulaid.

Time to Read Online Articles

Sapi screenshot

Stop wondering if an article will take too much of your time.

Sapi is a Chrome extension that tells you how long it will take to read an online article based on a personalized reading score.

I am happy to finally release my side project today — Sapi. In case my first description wasn’t very good, Sapi is a free Google Chrome extension that gives you a quick test to see how fast you read measured in words per minute (wpm).

When you find a web article and click on it, Sapi tells you in the toolbar how many minutes…

It’s quite simple…

Everyone uses JavaScript libraries; jQuery is the most notable example. Libraries are components built in JavaScript packaged and served in an intuitive way. It keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel.

In some cases you reuse a specific block of code in several projects — say, an image carousel. You don’t rewrite it every time, but you have to refactor the code to meet the needs of the current project. This takes time, which is scarce.

What if you turned that block of code into a library?

You wouldn’t have to change anything in the code between projects. You…

A more object-oriented way of declaring classes

In OOP languages such as C++, classes are the norm for encapsulating a service within a program.

In Javascript, classes have to be declared as an object prototype. They look absolutely nothing like a class declared in any other OOP language; their structure makes them very difficult to read.

The old class syntax also makes it difficult to hit all three marks of object-oriented classes — instantiation, encapsulation, and inheritance.

ES6 brings with it many needed features for JavaScript, but the new class syntax it introduces brings a much more familiar syntax, and it fulfills all three goals of OO…

Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

What I’ve learned from 2 years of freelancing and thinking

Starting out as a freelance developer is a difficult undertaking. You no longer have a boss, but you don’t have a salary, nor a steady client base— what you earn depends on your effort and the choices you make.

Searching for your first client is the most daunting task. You may look to freelancing sites e.g. Upwork or Fiverr; you may find friends or family that need your services. These first clients may have a not-so-appealing budget, but it’s your first job — how can you deny such a great opportunity?

You accept the job, but things slowly spiral into…

Designing and deploying a website for a small nonprofit

I designed and deployed a landing page for a nonprofit that operates in my hometown called the Homeless High Foundation, which hence will be referred to as HH. They provide homeless high school students with much-needed necessities; and they even go beyond necessities — they give Christmas gifts to kids to show them they’re not forgotten. The whole enterprise is run by one woman, and on a near $0 budget; this constraint would influence a lot of decisions in the project and test my thriftiness.

Problem / Solution

The client wanted a landing page that:

  1. Told John Doe what HH does
  2. Showed him…


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