I recently finished the landing page for a web app called Vocabulaid, that helps English learners to improve their speaking skills. Learners click through sets of English words accompanied by a recording of a native speaker pronouncing the word. Another use for the web app could be to help learners differentiate between and master difficult words like drought, thought, and wrought.

If this sounds interesting to you, I put a form on the site for a waiting list. I’ll alert you when Vocabulaid is ready. Any feedback is appreciated!

Link to Vocabulaid.

Time to Read Online Articles

Sapi screenshot

Stop wondering if an article will take too much of your time.

Sapi is a Chrome extension that tells you how long it will take to read an online article based on a personalized reading score.

I am happy to finally release my side project today — Sapi. In case…

It’s quite simple…

Everyone uses JavaScript libraries; jQuery is the most notable example. Libraries are components built in JavaScript packaged and served in an intuitive way. It keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel.

In some cases you reuse a specific block of code in several projects — say, an image carousel…

A more object-oriented way of declaring classes

In OOP languages such as C++, classes are the norm for encapsulating a service within a program.

In Javascript, classes have to be declared as an object prototype. They look absolutely nothing like a class declared in any other OOP language; their structure makes them very difficult to read.



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