Should we, Can we, Are we, all content creators?

We live in a digital era where anyone with over 10,000 followers on social media is considered famous. Tweets, posts and videos go viral all the time and we as consumers have little to no idea as to who the f*** created them or why.

It is the era of the so called influencers, social media strategist, content creators, entrepreneurs and whatever makes a person think they have a job or career because they post something in the internet under some consciousness and order for the rest of us to feed ourselves.

But, are we really all destined to go that route? Do we all have it on us? Is that the way to go in the next century?

Is it the same been a creative person as to be a content creator for the web?

Well, according to my Youtube subscriber list and every podcast I can put my ears to, yes.

They sell it as creating your own opportunity, putting yourself out there, the lecture is clear; be passionate about something, work at it long enough and eventually it will create some type of opportunity for you. And yeah, that means money.

The industry seems to be following along here. Jobs website has 2,604 job listings for “content creator” right now. There are also 61,890 “content creators” listed on my LinkedIn area at the moment, really?

The thing is many people do believe this is true and possible for everyone, but in reality it is not, many are bad at it, really bad, actually they suck. But, don’t get me wrong, they try hard, they give it an honest go but, they just don’t really have it in them.

Then the rest of us is forced to witness and support such cases by clapping at mediocre performances, saying commonly-used internet quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk or sending text messages with quote cards taken from Pinterest.

I’m a living proof of this, i’m my biggest critic. I’ve been blogging hard for two plus years now thinking I was good and guess what? nobody cares. I’m not rich either, and I haven’t break-through probably because I’m not skilled enough or because people just don’t read anymore. I don’t know.

ESPN’s top shelf journalist Scott Van Pelt said once: “it’s a great time to be in this business because it’s easier than ever to share your thoughts, but it’s also the most difficult because anyone can and so there is more clutter and there is more noise and how do you cut through? You cut through by being authentic.”

I couldn’t agree more but, how do you stand out in a feed with thousands of people throwing imitations, poorly thought captions and lazy-edited clips at you, that many times we pass over as the server refreshes.

You either have it or you don’t.

Like everything in life there is talented people that seem to be taylor-made to content creation. They do it seamlessly, graciously and with very little effort. Those definitely should stay. But then again I wonder if this is for everybody and if that’s healthy advice.

I’m clear that the internet seems to be the only thing that really matters in this society that we live in. We wanna be like whoever gets the most hearts on instagram, thumbs up on facebook and kudos on Strava. But honestly we should respect their craft, they are there for a reason, sometimes is their talents, others, their stupidity.