God touched my life.

I feel ungrateful if this post is not made public. It’s been some years now since I encountered a great change in my life.

In the year, 2015, the sweet warmth of the summer brought great news with an undying joy. A joy that I have been earnestly waiting for. It seemed as if it took forever, but I never swallowed hope. In July, the heaviness of this joy that I once imagined before, became more concentrated on the plates of my soul when the news finally arrived. While others called it, a road trip to college, I deemed it a great change that does not happen to everyone on earth. I had a full scholarship to study engineering in Ashesi University College. It was one of my greatest dream to ever come to reality with little anticipation. Like we all know, there are stars on earth, I believe I am one, most especially the Alpha centauri. I’m seen small but always gravitating towards the center of opportunity.

There are so many beautiful things unimaginable in my life that I need to thank God for. Life seems short, but the weights it has in-store make us think our struggles never had an end. I have been a victim of seen and unseen things, but through it all God granted me the jet-pack to propel over these obstacles. Two things that I have trusted the Lord for over the years are life and prosperity. God knows well that neither has my prayers exceeded my years spent on earth, nor my offering out flowed the waters that I have drunk on earth, yet God still opens doors even where there’s seem to be walls.