Secret transitions.

Years have gone by and I am still stacked to this trait of being able to discover one’s skill without their notice. Although it was an interesting mystery to launch myself back after the discovery of their skills, I blamed myself bitterly when the nut felt so hard to crack. I have fallen under the influence of Kwame and Atta, whose undying passion for money has left me this way.

As a young football player who is studying hard to balance the football career and learning in college, I was blindfolded by the wasteful life of these two friends, Kwame and Atta. They had a secret life that no one knew in the school, I felt suspicious whenever they showed off during the entertainment session at school. They were often seen with iPhones, laptops and headphones anytime they returned from the Accra. They will make loud noise on the whole floor to the extent that whenever there was silent, the other students on the same floor knew that these guys were away. They lived a mundane life and my poor soul finally got into their extravagant lifestyle as they invited me to a party one night. At the party, they had more girls than any other boy, they will watch them dance and spray money on what they call “booties”. I became very close to them, and they promise to help me be like them which I agreed. They gave me many interesting things which made me love their way of life to an extent of leaving my books and football training.

As our friendship grew stronger, they led me unknowingly to a fetish priest who helps them to earn ten-thousand of Ghana Cedis every month from internet fraud. In a single room where two skulls, horrible paintings and artifacts hung on a wall, I believed it was a shrine. At first sight, I wanted to run away, but I fell into his delusion of making me go mad if I depart from the place so I solemnly adhered to his caution. With much shock in a shaky body, I sat down on a mat with my legs crossed and I was warned to rightfully apply the ritual concoction in secret after a week else a mysterious thing will happen to my body which may even lead to death.

I hardly wanted to apply this concoction, but Kwame and Atta influenced me the more I tried to resist them. I grew up in a Christian home, but my reluctance to go church, read the bible and pray had me an unserious Christian and accept whatever it good to me irrespective of how bad the society may see it. In a rush to apply the concoction a week later, I received an urgent call from my sister who was admitted at the hospital for her illness. She was the only one I had as a family in Accra, so I took to my heels upon hearing the sad news, leaving the concoction in the open. After spending time with her at the hospital, I remembered that I have disobeyed the instructions that I was given so I hurriedly went to the house.

On my way home, I suddenly found myself in a strange body sitting beside a bowl of waakye. I had misinterpreted the ritual concoction and I do not feel normal in my body now. As hungry as I was, I ate the food with relish and afterwards, I went out and won a boxing bout. I finally launched back into my body at a point of crossing a road after I won the boxing bout. The following year, I left the body of a fat woman who found a new lover after breaking a glass with her song at a music concert.

This act of discovering skill among individual went on for quite a long time and after that I am thrown back into my body like nothing ever happened. On the hindsight, it was fun exploring the lives of all these people so I neither looked for Kwame and Atta nor told them about this mystery. Instances which I enjoyed this activity was the experience surrounding the lives of these people, actually some were of high repute and others had worldwide recognition, typical examples were some sport personality like Neymar De Santos, junior a football player I will love to be like, a movie star like Will Smith but with this character I experience another meaning to life in the short time existing in his world, I was enlightened about his drive to succeed being paramount, the love for his family

Earlier this year, when I was in my normal body, I wished that I could turn into a strong man in my village and go lash Papa Kwesi, my childhood bully at school. That man was so strong and would bully all his classmates including me when we were young. I remember whenever we closed from school, I would remain quiet as a mouse till I finally got to my house. At the premises, I would then make fun of his big head coupled with his poor academics. He got so furious and threw stones at our roof whenever my father was not around. Gone are the days, the light came on and I was out of this crazy thought.

Early the next morning, I discover myself in a new body sitting in a chair at a corner of a single room. The room was filled with clothes, cooking utensils, two old chairs and an old television whose cover was slightly open because its bolts has gotten missing. I did not like this new environment so I stood up from the chair for comfort, then I saw a woman half naked on a weak bed whose mattress have sunk in, which I believe it was my new body’s wife. In the afternoon, I was soon greeted by the five children who said, “Papa, good afternoon”. A father now!

Early the next morning, I woke up from the same old chair, and I am confronted for pocket money from these children. I was lucky I found 100 cedis in my pocket and I gave 20 cedis to them for school. They were so happy to the extent that their mother came to me and said, “You are a changed man these days” then she took the remaining amount for the week. What will become of me, and where I am going to get money from if I do not change back.

Weeks and months came by and I had no skill to identify and I wanted to leave that body quick so I asked myself what’s wrong? What’s happening? I trembled in fear thinking that this trait of mine has come to an end. I got to realize that truly no condition is permanent. Existing in his body, I thought of getting used to this body so that I can be stacked for good.

Two days later, a group of awkwardly looking colleagues, Kojo and Quey, of my new body came over to the house and presented an issue to me. It was so disheartening to believe that some people are very wicked. It was about how to hide the body of a girl they have brutally murdered. I was so surprised because I knew nothing about what they were saying and it was the worst sin the devil will ever tie me to do. I grew very cold but to avoid the look of fear on my face, I told them to hide the corpse where no one had access to except me, then we will meet again and find a convenient date and place to finish the job without anyone finding out. In the space of two days, before meeting them again, I thought through this evil acts the men have committed because it was very strange to me. We finally met under Kwaw’s cocoa farm after tirelessly navigating my way through the tick bush, where we executed the burial. Unfortunately, Papa Kwesi, the bully, appeared on the scene and wanted to run and report to the village. We tried to hit him to the ground with a stump, but he escaped his head and he fought back. I was so scared to fight someone who was once bulling me at school, but I knew that I must get rid of him to avoid life imprisonment in this bad destined body. While I showered myself with so much courage to fight him so I do not go to jail, my other colleagues knew I was the strongest among them. Papa Kwesi then smashed a fist into the side of Kojo and he laid down helpless. I grabbed his arm so he does not escape, but he maneuvered to throw me to the ground. My friends look so helpless and decided to shout, “curl your legs around his neck and throw his face down like you always do”. The more I tried, the more he gripped my neck. I was almost dying till I tried a fourth time, curling my legs around his neck with my last breath, and threw him with the face down to the ground. I then pounced on him and held him by the neck. As fierce as lion, I left him without air and he fell unconscious till he was lifeless. The man was dead and my friends too have disappeared. I had killed a human being. All I could do was to run away from my worst sin so I fled through the cocoa trees and swam across a shallow river on the outskirts of the village. A few meters to the bank on the other side of the river, I disappeared and found myself lying unconsciously in the couch under the ceiling fan with Kwame and Atta talking about sending me to the hospital. On our way to the hospital, I realized that the body I just left was skillful at the killing people for money.