Airdrops are freely distributed coins or tokens by a blockchain project to the crypto currency community. One interesting thing about Airdrops is the access it gives you to receive coins without any investment or charges. However, to receive an airdrop you are most times expected to have in possession a specific token before time.

In the crypto currency space, Airdrops can also be referred to as crypto freebies.

Overtime, Airdrops have become a popular approach of distributing crypto currencies and tokens. They are often considered to be risk-free from the view point of the recipients; as their impact on privacy is easily overlooked.

Generally, we can say airdrops are marketing strategy that crypto projects employ to serve as incentives for people who make use of their platform. New projects make crypto airdrops into your wallet as part of an initial offering, or may be as a means for promoting their community or brand.


· The major aim behind an Airdrop is to distribute crypto assets to people so that they start putting it to use.

· We can also see Crypto airdrops to be a reward or incentives for signing up for a newsletter or any other crypto currency projects like contests, following the project’s social media pages, or another way to bring attention to the brand and attract more people to the platform.

· Crypto airdrops could be a way to boost your crypto portfolio without having to buy digital assets.

Crypto Airdrop Taxes

In the current day’s tax regulations are applied to cryptocurrencies are inappropriate. The initial purpose of BTC, which currently, is the the most popular cryptocurrency, was to circumvent the scam associated with the use credit and debit cards for e-commerce. Simply, cryptocurrencies can be thought of as cash for the internet. The IRS understood its use as a unit of account, medium of exchange (the definition of a currency), store of value. Notwithstanding its work as a currency, and the IRS’s acknowledgement of this function, the new asset has been designated as property for tax purposes. Property transactions are generally taxed on realized gains. One realizes a gain on a cryptocurrency transaction when converting it to an amount in legal tender that exceeds the amount it was purchased for.

If a community does crypto airdrop into your wallet, you will generally have to pay taxes on the proceeds. That means, airdrops are taxable as ordinary income at their fair market value on the date received.

If you dispose of your airdropped asset, you may also need to pay short-term or long-term capital gains on any increase in its value during your holding period.

Are Crypto airdrops safe

Private key scams are airdrops that are entirely fake. They are targeted to scam you into giving out the important information to your wallet. A legitimate and trusted airdrop will inquire from the participants for their wallet's public address. A scam airdrop, however, asks for the private key to your wallet as well.

During the file-sharing process, Airdrop checks the receiver's phone number and email address for originality. Researchers claims that close gadget can interfere in the connection and gain unauthorized access to your personal information.

It claims that your gadget doesn’t need to be connected to other close devices before it can be hacked.

Data shared on Airdrop have privacy protections—a series of cryptographic measures known as hash functions. But the researchers have faulted the stand of the hash functions, saying that the hash function can compromise easily with the use of simple techniques like brute-force attacks.

When strangers is granted access to your email address and phone number, you could become a victim of cyber-related attacks such as phishing or identity theft.

Virtual Currency PPT

Digital currency can also be called cryptocurrencies and it’s a profitable investment for anyone willing to invest in the crypto space’

Few years ago the globe was faced with the issue of making payment online but this has been solved by just few clicks on your gadgets.

The virtual currency industry has got an experience of excessive growth in market value as well in terms of popularity. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

Best Crypto Airdrop Apps

Crypto airdrops can be gotten from different apps. And below are some crypto airdrop apps.

DeFiChain Airdrop. Claim $30 DFI for signing up + $10 DFI for each referral.

Morpher Airdrop. ...

SwissBorg Airdrop.

ChainX Airdrop.

BlockFi Signup Bonus.

DeFiChain Airdrop.

Morpher Airdrop

Binance Airdrop

As pertaining to speed and efficiency, these top AirDrop apps are up to the mark. As a result, they can fit into your workflow with ease.

The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic order




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