Backwardness as Economic Policy
Richard Florida

Well we can guess that inflation will follow
I am very curious about the reactions from the progressive forces in the US, they have been very quiet until now.
What is really chocking about all this is that Mr trump makes it OK to behave badly and establish a standard where “going low i good”, “selling out is the new keeping it real”

From my European perspective, it is mostly the defeat of traditional politicians and the same applies to us in Europe. We see what happens in Poland, UK, elections in France soon…it´s all scary. Our traditional politicians are still having the same speech as they had 30 years ago with the difference that they can´t deliver at all on their promises in a globalized economy…so why keep talking nonsense? it seems that populists can deliver as they want to close the borders. No use blaming the masses, they love the fallacies exposed by Trump and peers and we can´t change this, progressive political forces need to redefine their arena and act on it.. with result this time. Politics is today a sphere of its own and seems to be about branding and mambo jambo. Now we can look forward to nepotism, new forms of corruption where the right hand gives to the left. May be we have to reach the bottom to bounce