Preparation for AYC 2016

At the end of last year, i was psyched to train as i got a glimpse of the climbing standards in Asia. I would say that Singapore climbers are very far in terms of breaking the mental barrier in world or regional competitions, but we will get there eventually.

Picture by : Nararat Disyabut

After the Asian Youth Championships 2015, i was caught in a bit of a fumble regarding my sponsors. Basically, i ended up with no climbing equipment. But i would really like to thank Allsports Equipment - they provided me with the shoes and harnesses that i needed to train and compete with. My biggest concern was how much i tend to wreck my climbing shoes in trainings and it feels good to know that Allsports Equipment is there to support me throughout. I have also been training for speed climbing and Allsports Equipment have supported me with the Hirundos Harness. It feels so light and it is a really great help for speed climbing. Personally, everytime i join a competition, be it local or international, i would always want to have something to take away from it. I have seen others who have won, and think that they need not learn anything from this certain competition. That’s what i would call, BEING STUPID. If you compete with just the mediocre mindset of winning, then there is no point of competing. We should all be striving to learn something that will help us in the future. As a youth competitor for Singapore, i would really want to learn more and also share whatever i have learnt over the past few competitions. Being selected to compete for Singapore is not only an honour, but also a rare opportunity of exposure for us youths. So as i begin to share my experiences here, i hope i will be able to give the other youths an insight of what they may be facing in the future and how they will be able to work on their own weaknesses. LEZZZGOOO :)