A few interesting AI, Blockchain and IoT companies in Germany and the UK

I’ve been reading a lot about German AI, Blockchain and IoT startups over the last few weeks during my spare time and found quite a few very helpful resources that helped me map out the AI ecosystem in Germany and in Europe in general.

Asgard, a venture capital firm based in Berlin that invests solely in AI startups drew up a pretty comprehensive map of the AI ecosystem — http://asgard.vc/the-german-artificial-intelligence-landscape/ and Ha Duong posted a pretty extensive list of AI startups in Europe — https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zsjoeGH-DtUtjdmYpp4Ns0yiCiQgsk3gXLBuVvpbFbc/edit?usp=sharing.

I decided to draft a short, but descriptive list of AI, Blockchain and IoT startups in Germany, adding details about the size of each startup’s respective market and market drivers.

Feel free to make any comments where you deem it necessary.


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