They missed the bullet, but still have to die.

Its is what the more than 3 yrs old war here in South Sudan has caused, people have been pressed between two walls. Bullets, raping, killing, arrest etc on one side and suffering from lack of shelter, water, food, etc from the other. The case of refugees in Moyo district (Morobi and Belameling camps)

After trekking for days to the refugee reception points hopes are high for a better stay away from the threats of the gun. Its yet another new beginning for the fleeing population who have been forced out with little or non of their belongings. Its a difficult moment and a hard task as suffering lies ahead escaping death, rape, humiliation, torture and arbitrary arrest and heading somewhere to begin life from nowhere is the situation South Sudanese have been exposed to, its hard and it hurts that children the people of this country are again back to live where they ain’t citizens.

Reaching an overcrowded settlement run by overwhelmed UNHCR and its agencies, furnished with little/poor or no much basic services the frustration turns real the absence of water, shelter, proper emergency health facility, being exposed to the cold and seeing children starving and the elderly becoming visibly powerless coupled with tiresome lining for every available service at the camps. The pain grows, the bleeding of the heart brings trauma.

“Indeed our future is no more, we have been reduced to zero reduced to dependents and rendered unproductive” we have been hurt by the actions of our own, together we are killing ourselves. For sure we are against ourselves”

(Extracts from an upcoming research/article.