Disconnected Abundance

Imagine that you have a need with a yet-unknown provider.

Would discovering an available provider make you better off and happier? Sure, it would.

Now consider many pairs of unfamiliar needy people and providers like these running into large numbers. Taken as a whole, the group really has no net lack. However, the experienced reality of many individuals could be of lack, even if the inherent truth of the collective is abundance.

This is disconnected abundance.

We each view the world through paradigms and sadly, the experiences of many are of lack in the midst of true abundance, arising largely from needy parties and available providers both being disconnected from and unfamiliar with one another. An unfortunate but pervasive phenomenon indeed.

This was the prevailing paradigm for kidney patients in the UK prior to the development and deployment of the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) matching algorithm. Until the scheme set out to resolve the kidney transplant rejection problems between a willing donor and their intended recipient arising from blood-type or tissue-type incompatibility with an innovative matching algorithm that enabled three-way and pair-wise matches within seconds, the average waiting time was up to three years and donor shortage was pervasive. Transplants have been boosted by 40%. The Alliance for Paired Kidney donation (APKD) is doing something similar in the US.

The literally life-saving difference? The overcoming of the disconnection and unfamiliarity challenges with data availability and appropriate computational skills.

Would it be far-fetched to imagine the application of a similar solution to some to the major social challenges facing us today in many economies, like youth unemployment?

Surely, it should be possible — for a start — to match such a worthy challenge with willing providers of the appropriate computational skills. Followed, of course, by the ground work of aggregating the relevant data — demographics, skills profiles, mentoring opportunities, value chain opportunities, etc.

Oh, the potentials for manifesting abundance!

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