“The Elephant in the Room.” Image credit: Nimish Gogri

Nigeria’s per capita productivity, using GDP per Capita calculated from annual Nominal GDP (in Naira from the NBS) and annual Population (from IMF) and converted into USD (from CBN’s exchange rates) has stayed within an approximate $500-$3,000 sideways band since 1981, just before the disruption of the previous democracy by a military coup (see CEIC data). Meanwhile, during this period, the social acceptance of dishonesty as a ‘smart’ way to success has been growing concurrently at a rapid pace.

Today, dishonesty has become an unfortunate default descriptor of its average citizen.

“The first thing you will notice when you start…

Source: http://agrpartners.com/

The diversification story of Nigeria can only be anchored on primarily increasing the productivity and capacity of the agriculture value chain through greater integration. Most people may think of agriculture as only the first layer of the value chain, but it is so much more. Getting the full big picture is what turns the light on. Anyone who does not have their hooks in that chain soon could miss the lift by the next wave of massive wealth creation (following the last one triggered by the Local Content Act of 2010 and before that, the 1992 Local Banking License Issuance)…

Megatrends are global and sustained macro economic and sociocultural shifts of a tectonic kind, that rapidly lift ideas which leverage them and fast-tracks the redundancy of those that do not.

Bigger in scale than macro or micro trends, they impact business, economy, society, cultures and personal behaviours in ways that shape the future at an increasing pace of change.

Their periods of dominance are often called "Ages", like the recent "Information Age" and emerge from a key inflection point in a preceding age.

The dominant megatrend now is Transparency. Apparent since around 2012, corporations, governments and major players are increasingly…

Imagine that you have a need with a yet-unknown provider.

Would discovering an available provider make you better off and happier? Sure, it would.

Now consider many pairs of unfamiliar needy people and providers like these running into large numbers. Taken as a whole, the group really has no net lack. However, the experienced reality of many individuals could be of lack, even if the inherent truth of the collective is abundance.

This is disconnected abundance.

We each view the world through paradigms and sadly, the experiences of many are of lack in the midst of true abundance, arising largely…

Based on the famous FBM (Fogg Behavior Model), change proceeds from making basically emotionally-motivated decisions like: a flight-from-pain decision and a flight-to-desire decision give the sufficient ease to act on them. However, flight from pain without a desired destination is temporary relief at best while desire without sufficient pain is dreaming. Thus, change occurs only to the “twice ready” i.e. those who can make and act on both decisions.

Now, pause for a moment to reflect on this: on a 3-tier low-medium-high scale for fear-courage-togetherness respectively, where will you honestly rate Nigeria the country and a typical Nigerian (hypothetically, not…

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Awakening to love, megatrends and abundance for all.

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