How to Recover Deleted Emails In MS Outlook?

Feb 13 · 3 min read

To recover the deleted Emails in MS Outlook is not difficult because it is not completely deleted from your account. The deleted Emails just moved to another folder in Outlook but not permanently deleted from your device. You can easily get these Emails if you have deleted by mistake.

Where Deleted Emails Go from Outlook?

The emails which you delete still exist but it is hidden from your normal view. The deleted emails basically found in the deleted item folder in Outlook or it can be found in your Email Account. It can also be found in the under Recoverable Items. It can also be there in your backup location or in Cloud of your computer system.

Recover Email You Have Just Deleted:

You can easily recover the Email which you have just deleted. You can Undo a Deleted Message which has been moved to trash or you can press Ctrl +Z. By this way, message gets back to its original folder. You can also go to the Deleted Item Folder and from here you can recover the email.

Recover Email from Outlook Deleted Item Folder:

Mostly the emails which are deleted in Outlook go to the Deleted Item Folder. For restoring those emails or messages first you have to select the folder which has all the deleted email messages or emails. Then you have to open the message which you want to recover it back. Now, just highlight more than one email to recover it back. But if you cannot find a message, in that case you have to search the folder for the message’s sender. After this, just go to the Home tab and select Move option and then other Folder or you can press Ctrl+Shift+V. Now, just have to highlight the designation folder for the recovered emails. At the end, you have to click on OK button.

Microsoft Office is the well known software among all software which makes the work of every organization easier. It is also known as a major player because no software gives so much facility as compared to this software. It is user friendly and you can install this via There are so many applications in MS Office like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc.

But if you are still facing any kind of issue then you can contact to the customer care executive by just visiting to the official website of MS Office via For help, you can call on their toll free number at any time from any place.

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