Poynter’s Article Response

The first thing that got my eye in this article is how the trust in the media is up since last year. I’ve seen President Trumps comments about the press being the enemy of the people, but I never actually thought his comments would change ratings. I think I never thought of it because I don’t agree with Trump on certain topics of discussion.

I agree with the Feno’s Paradox and think a reason ratings and trust in the media has risen because of the court preceding’s and scandal that has come over the past several months and the public is seeing that Trumps words and actions aren’t always true or honorable. Trump supporters may not agree with Congress but agree with Trump but now see that his was in the wrong.

The reason the trust in local news is higher in my opinion, is because it’s happening in their backyard and it directly effects the audience. Yes, national affects us and but it’s happening somewhere else and the affect may not be as direct as the local news. I strongly agree with Chavern when he said that trust is based on experience and how people trust those in news who have the long experience. It’s like at home on WHDH Steve Cooper has always been known as the “goggles guy” when it comes winter and his live reports during snowstorms. I think when you have familiar faces on your TV every night year after year, it makes it easier to trust them.

I agree with Simon that when people see how the president engages with the media and news crews, perceptions become less about the actual news and more about how people feel about the news. Mayer made the point that journalists should think about what their audiences might not understand and how to make those points of the story clearer. I read “It Takes More Than Good Looks” by Wayne Freeman over the summer and he too mentioned this. It’s important to break down those complicated stories or pieces to the story and use common words that your audience is going to understand. If they don’t understand, how will they be able to trust you?

I agree with the people that voted in that the president doesn’t have the right to shut down a newspaper because it embarrasses him, if he had that right then he could shut down any news or media organization simply because he doesn’t like them and blame it on embarrassment.

Overall, I thought the article was interesting and agreed with a lot of what it had to say. I liked how the article came from Poynters and we’ve done a lot of work through them in previous classes as well.

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