The future of payment system

Hello all techies,

Are you tired of having a big bulky wallet with you all the time? Do you wanna rid of the trouble of carrying a big amount of money & 3–4 card credit card with you? Fear not my pals for thy is here to save you. (I’m talking about digital wallet apps :p )

Finding the best wallet app can be hard because there are many decisions to make about what features are most important to you. Here is my list of top 3 wallet apps.

· 1. PayPal: This digital wallet has the largest user base. If you already have credit card processor then read your contract to make sure there isn’t an exclusivity clause that stops you from using a secondary processor. Otherwise, accepting PayPal is a pretty smart move.

· 2.Google wallet-Instead of tapping your credit card at the checkout counter, you just wave or tap your smartphone on the machine to make your payments. It’ll identify the credit card information merged with your Google account. But Google Wallet needs (NFC) technology to work which unfortunately is only available on certain smartphones and tablets.

· 3. Samsung Pay-This mobile wallet is one of the newer options. The perk is that it may already work with your existing mag-stripe terminal. If it doesn’t, just update your software. The fun of accepting this mobile wallet without updating your equipment or changing processors puts this wallet app at the list.

Well guys, Lemme know if u have a favorite. Dont forget to like & comment. CHAO J

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