Kitchen Sinks Cleaning Tips

The kitchen sink is an important part of the kitchen inventory that usually holds the central position within the kitchen. Thus, an unclean and stinky kitchen sink will certainly ruin the whole image of your descent, beautiful kitchen.

But, maintaining your kitchen sink always clean and sparkling is not needed only for aesthetic purposes. Dirty sink full of stains is a real bacteria residence that may bring lots of unwelcome diseases in your home. Thus, ultimate conclusion is that deep-cleaning the kitchen sink is a must-do home cleaning task. You can find different kitchen sinks online cleaning tips. Here is also a little guidance on how to properly clean your kitchen sink. Read the following tips:

Wash Dirty Dishes And Remove Food Particles

Normally, before you start cleaning the sink, you have to empty it from everything that can be found in it. First, start with the dirty dishes. They leave the stubborn oil stains onto the sink, which in fact, are real bacteria magnet. If you have a dishwasher, you will easily complete the first task, but if this is not an option for you, then you will have to hand wash the dirty dishes. Secondly, take out the food particles from the kitchen sink. Once done, you are all set for cleaning.

Wash Down The Entire Kitchen Sink

‘Entire kitchen sink’ means cleaning the faucets, the drain and the outer rim. For this purpose, you will need a mild to hot water, gentle soap and a soft cloth. In fact, this should become your ordinary habit every time you use the sink (preparing meals and washing dishes).

De-Stain The Kitchen Sink Surface

Probably the most important part — getting rid of the dirty stains. Well, there is a remedy for that. All you will need is a one-half cup of powdered borax and one-half lemon juice. By using a sponge, start rinsing the surface of your kitchen sink with this easily made mixture, with a running water at the same time. You will be impressed how the sink will quickly start to shine again.

Pour The Same Solution Into The Drain

You kitchen sink cleaning won’t be complete without cleaning the drain as well. You can use the same solution you have previously used to clean the whole surface of the kitchen sink. This an essential step to break up stubborn clogs and sanitize the drain.

Dry The Sink

Stainless steel sinks are prone to water spots, so, if having one, you will definitely have to wipe the water off with soft cloth or a dish towel to keep the sink from getting spotted up.

Now you are all set with quick-and-easy kitchen sinks online cleaning tips to make your kitchen sink the most sparkling piece in the entire kitchen.