Sauvignon Blanc — Australia’s Favourite White Wine?

True wine passionates say that it is never too early or never too late for a glass of decent wine, regardless of its colour. These are the people who are always interested in tasting new wine flavours, but at the same time, the people who can give the best judgment about the quality and specialty of a particular wine.

One of the favourite, or better said, premium go-to destinations for people who enjoy life with a glass of white in every occasion is Sauvignon Blanc — Australia’s most important white wine variety. Australia’s wine merchants say that Sauvignon Blanc has overtaken the world of wine in the last decade, especially the enthusiasts from the New Zealand’s Marlborough region.

We can also freely say that Sauvignon Blanc has slowly, but surely become the premium white for millions of wine customers all over the world. Why? First and foremost, because of its heritage and class. Believe it or not, but this is the wine that it is made out of highest quality grape variety coming from the well-known Bordeaux region in France. This is the white with one of the earliest origins as domestic, homegrown grape in South West France. Research data show that first bottles of Sauvignon Blanc were made in the 19th century. As we can see, this wine has a lot of history behind, thus an important significance in the global wine industry. Today, apart from its domestic land France, this grape variety is widely cultivated in Australia, New Zealand, California, Washington, Canada, Chile and South Africa as well.

Wine experts describe Sauvignon Blanc as a crisp, elegant and exceptionally fresh wine. The truth is that depending on the exact climate, its flavours can vary from sweetly tropical to aggressively grassy. Its fanatics on the other hand, describe it as the white with most unique, rich and fragrant aromas. Thanks to this special characteristic, this wine represents a winning combination with various delicious plates.

Meals that feature a rosemary, parsley, mint, basil or cilantro presence are surely the perfect food match with this one-of-a-kind white. When it comes to meat pairings, feel free to combine it with pork chop, chicken and turkey. Fish pairings are not an exception too, so it is always a brilliant choice to have a nicely-prepared lobster, crab, redfish or snapper with a bottle of subtle sophisticated Sauvignon Blanc.

This wine is commonly blended with Muscadelle and Semillon in White Bordeaux and it can be also found as: ‘Feigentraube’ in Germany, ‘Muskat-Silvaner’ in Austria, ‘Sauvignon’ in Italy and ‘Fumé Blanc’ in United States.

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