The Demon

Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

There is a demon constantly lurking on the horizon.

You laugh, you have a good time with friends, you enjoy work , you smell the roses on the way — you are riding high.

But in the back of your head you can feel the demon clawing its way up. You fear its outburst.

One day you wake up and its all switched off. The fog is here. It has settled over your brain. You can’t figure out how the lights got turned off in a night.
Your guard is broken. You spend the next couple of days not understanding what happened. Why did you guard break ? What happened to the large amounts of self help that you pored over and repeated to yourself day in and day out. You are drained out of energy now. You feel helpless. You have given over control to the demon. It is pushing you through the day. You can see its effects in your conversations, in your reactions, in your outbursts.

Suddenly, you feel the urge to break from its shackles and rise. NO. You cannot take this anymore. You have to win over the demon.

You go out in the sun, you exercise, eat healthy food to help demolish the demon. You are back now. The fog has lifted. The dark clouds have passed. You feel a new energy in you. You take steps to prevent such a thing from happening again. You are on a high again. Everything is good now…..

And then, the demon strikes again and you are back to square one.

To all those fighting battles with your demons, remember,
You have the illness, the illness doesn’t have You