I have a complicated relationship with time and it has led me to have the most extraordinary conversations about what we are to all take from this moment in history.

time /tʌɪm/

I have a complicated relationship with time. I’m always acutely aware of it, constantly think I could be making better use of it and fundamentally have a deep and almost mystical appreciation for it (there’s a reason it’s the basis for my novel). Now I say complicated, because this all ladders uncomfortably to:

1. an unachievable goal of endless productivity and
2. the guilt ridden punishment that I slather on myself when this productivity is not achieved.

As I type…

Ever consider how hero stories shape our view of the world and how we interact with it? Ever consider that these cliched hero stories make you moremindless consumer’ than ‘active citizen and witness to your own life’? Me too… and I explore it below.

I’m addicted to the Hero. There, I said it. It feels good to get it off my chest.

I’m hooked on that monomythic, saviour story framework that Joseph Campbell penned all those years ago and my story-substance abuse has resulted in deeply set Jungian imprints on my psyche that I’m only just acknowledging and trying to shake.

Until recently it lay unexplored as I mindlessly binged on stories that were built around it. Star Wars, The Matrix, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings — some of the biggest blockbusters in mainstream Western culture (and not coincidentally all my favourite childhood…

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to a virtual Futurist Writers’ Room with The Guild Of Future Architects to collaborate, explore and reimagine the world both 90 years in the past, and 90 years in the future.

The aim was to test the collaborative tools of play and ‘rapidly prototype a multitude of ideas about what we can become post-pandemic, as a global society’. They achieved this goal with finesse and wonder, however my biggest takeaway was not the output; our speculative new world order. …

Dear Reader,

Welcome to The Edge Atlas; a cartographic cornucopia curated to help unlock human potential.

Most of you will have arrived here by reading my recent Linkedin article about finding inspiration in times of crisis. So much has happened since then and I have many of you all to thank for that.

It seems pertinent to provide insight into what this experiment aims to achieve in Issue #1… I feel I owe you at least that to warrant a place in your inboxes / feeds regularly.

The Edge Atlas is designed to primarily provide two things;

  1. Exploring The Creative Supply Chain

Linkedin asked me what I wanted to talk about when I opened the tab this morning…and for the first time in a long time I found myself actually wanting to talk, to share my story. A story of questionable life choices, unemployment and anxiety. But also one of hope, creativity and purpose.

Like most of us, I’ve been on a journey trying to find my way through the global crisis over the last few months. …

‘Inclusion’ has been playing on my mind recently — in fact it’s a topic that’s been keeping me up at night. The idea that you can belong, or not, and the effects that has on a person’s self belief, identity and general place in the world. This short article explores how, by discovering unheard stories, I’ve been able to sleep.

I’d love to know what you, dear reader, think as I believe there’s no more important conversation I could be having at the moment — I find it transcending all I do. …

Who needs a black sheep anyway?

Now I’m going to start by saying this title is wholly unoriginal.

In fact I picked it up in conversation at the pub a few weeks ago with a stranger (if it was you please let me know and I’ll credit you). We were talking about my recent love affair with writing. Specifically about how I got the confidence to actually start my current novel in the first place. In fact, it’s something I get asked a lot… although not normally by strangers.

Let me let you into a secret.

The only, ONLY reason I plucked up the courage to finally put pen to paper and release my story into the ether was because I realised that there was…

I’ve been thinking a lot recently. And that normally spells trouble. Stick with me on this one.

The bombardment of data we consume everyday in the ‘Age Of Information’ is giving our memories a beating. This is nothing new. …

It’s a serendipitous thing, clicking on ‘New Story’ on my new Medium publication this morning. I say serendipitous as that’s what this channel is all about; stories. Very specifically stories that change the world.

My own story is in flux at the moment as, around 6 months ago, I reduced the days I was working for the global innovation studio Sense Worldwide, to focus on getting a very specific story out of my head. A fantasy story that had been brewing for four years (The Stone Keepers if you’re interested).

Now, this was not a move I took lightly. In…

Emma Skipper

Information Sponge | Connector | Global Community Lead at WIN: Women in Innovation

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