E Sailer Sklar
Jun 7, 2018 · 1 min read

Your responses to what I’ve written are the expected responses from the Right and even from the center Left, and the ultimate conceit is that things are well enough as they are, and better than what came before them, so Progressive politics are therefor a waste of energy. Just because we haven’t found the right system yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and to simply accept the extreme suffering brought on by the kind of wealth hoarding that our current system enables is lazy. Humanity can do better, and should. If it means that no one gets to be a Billionaire anymore it feels like a small price to pay overall.

This is not youthful arrogance. This is the natural conclusion of a generation that has access to more information than any generation before it. You can pick apart my statements all you want but this isn’t a matter of debating semantics and privileged information. To accept the suffering of others as an acceptable outcome of a system just because that system works for YOU is a morally bankrupt position, and to deny that the origin of that suffering is greed is willfully ignorant.

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