Don’t run, savor it

It isn’t really living

To flee from heartbreak and pain

The bitterness of life

That’s what’s really worth living

Feeling it, embracing it, letting it spread throughout your entire body

It starts in the pit of your stomach

Forcing you to sit

Then it writhes its way up to your heart

That lovely red lumpy thing

Totally unaware of the pain plotting against it

Unbeknownst to you, heartbreak takes over

It takes it spindly little hands and climbs up the inside of your throat

You choke

And you realize the wetness that is spilling down your cheeks

Out of control

That’s what it feels like

Why won’t this stop?

When will this end?

And then it does.

Heartbreak unlatches it’s spindly little hands from your throat

And you’re back

Numbness takes over

Embrace the pain while you’re able

Welcome heartbreak

Because the alternative might be worst

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