President Trump Posts on Reddit Under Pseudonym


Submitted 1/29/17 by HistoryExpert789MAGA to r/education

I am posting on this popular web conversation page in the tremendously scholarly capacity of a top college professor specializing in the subject: History. Long ago a group of two (or more) people assembled in Geneva. We in the history industry now refer to this get-together as “The Geneva Convention.” The things that happened at this convention are actually — little known fact! — relevant to politics even today and also some stuff that the President of the United States has to deal with during his working time at his Desk in The Oval Office.

Almost no one living in Modern Times has heard of the so-called “Geneva Convention” — and those who have regard it as an obscure footnote in the long, long and practically unknowable history of mankind — a teeny tiny detail that only a select few have the time or stamina to keep track of (I am one of them).

I am hereby offering $1,000,000 cash to the person who comments with the correct definition of this long forgotten event, irrelevant to all except overrated German Chancellor Angela Merkel and extremely accomplished educational field Professors like myself (I know all of History). Why am I doing this, you might ask? As an Educator loved by all — loved more than any other educator in the entire history of learning — I intend to promote awareness of the Geneva Convention within the general public, zero of whom have heard of it. There’s just no way.

I will now present various definitions of “The Geneva Convention” in a multiple choice format. Answer correctly in the comments section, message me your home address, and a secretive man dressed in all black will carry out the service of delivering your huge cash prize. Here is your test:

The Geneva Convention is best described as:

1. An assemblage of chocolatiers

2. That 60’s hippie thing

3. A lesser known Playboy Mansion party

4. A totally unfair and corrupt meeting of present and past German Chancellors who decided to prank all future Presidents of the United States of America

5. A secret plot against #MAGA

6. I once banged a model — irrefutably a 10, the DEFINITION of a 10 — who was from Geneva, so of course I know where it is located — and that place is

a. Austria

b. Canada

c. Germany

d. Switzerland

e. Australia


g. Finland

h. Sweden

i. England

j. Ireland

k. Scotland

l. Russia

m. Ukraine

n. Other European Country (fill in) _______________.

o. Actually a Non-European Country (fill in)______________.

p. Actually its own country in the continent (fill in)____________.

7. A nunnery that periodically hosts gatherings of all the hottest young nuns from convents in the greater-Geneva area

8. It’s not real — you are messing with me and it’s a trick, don’t try to make a fool of me because I will NOT be made a fool of — no one ever has, no one ever will, I will ruin you Angela!!!!!

9. OTHER (explain)_______________________________________.