FishHeads: Simple yet intricate styles for outdoor lovers

The beginning of FishHeads

What inspired you to start your business? When?

How did you identify your niche in the market?

FishHeads Logo

What first steps did you take to launch the business?

  1. Design a logo.
  2. Define the brand.
  3. Create a slogan — “We’ve Got You Covered.”
  4. Secure a website and domain, courtesy of GoDaddy.
  5. Product marketing — We built our website two months before we added our first saleable product.
  6. Social media marketing on all channels.
  7. eCommerce build out and digital marketing (SEO, etc.).
  8. Paid search on many channels, including Google and social media outlets.

Tell us about your business model.

Goals and philosophy

What are the goals for your business?

What’s your guiding business philosophy?

FishHead Trout

This is where we go beyond hat designs.

What three words epitomize success in your book?

What strengths do you bring to the table as an entrepreneur?

What obstacles did you face as a startup, and how did you overcome them?

FishHead Fish

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since starting your business?

Where do you see your business in five years? Ten years?

Online tools for success

What online tools do you use? How do you use them, and why are they important for your business?

What difference have these tools made to your business?

What was it like to build your website using GoCentral? How long did it take?

You’re using lots of GoCentral features, including online store, email marketing, blog, promo banner, product reviews, on-site video, Apple Pay and more. What do you like best about it?

FishHeads Homepage

Do you have any power-user tips for new GoCentral users?

  1. Use GoDaddy support! The team answers the phone when you call.
  2. Do your homework on SEO. Organic search is helpful.
  3. You have to pay to play. Get the right platform and use the GoDaddy features and add-ons if you feel it will increase sales and drive users to your site.

You wrote a blog post about traveling to Alaska to hang out with the crew from Discovery Channel’s hit show Deadliest Catch. How did you stumble on that opportunity?

Personal life and advice

What’s your best overall advice for other entrepreneurs?

Was there a turning point in your life that led you to where you are today?

How do you balance the needs of your business with your personal life? How do you unwind?



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Emma Wilhelm

Emma Wilhelm

I love punchy words and uphill battles. When I’m not working for, I relish long runs and dance parties with my kids.