Making America Great Again?

Donald Trump is a well know businessman turned politician. He is wealthy and came from a wealthy family. He has made his name into an empire by hotels, universities, and TV shows. As the book states, “followers accept the power of charismatic authority because they are drawn to the leader’s personal qualities” (Openstax, 2016, pg. 379). All of the things above are why people are drawn to him. He is wealthy, successful, and knows how to say the right things. The book also talks about many of charismatic leaders are likely to be tyrannical as they are heroic (Openstax, 2016, pg. 379). Some of his tyrannical statements focus on his immigration policy and “building a wall”.

According to Weber, “power made legitimate by laws, written rules, and regulations is termed relational-legal authority” (Openstax,2016, pg. 379). Trumps rational-legal authority rests in the fact that he is our president and under the U.S. Constitution assumes power of the nation. This type of authority derives its power from legality. Most modern states follow this type of authority for their government. This person is the key in decision making as Trump is the head of the government.

I think Trump’s behavior and beliefs will not change as a result of his transition into charismatic authority and rational-legal authority. Yes, he will have to make himself more Presidential by having a filter but I do not think he will silence his voice. He has shown that he has an outsider mentality and has voiced his opinion strongly on many key issues. Trump has a long record of voicing his opinions and beliefs and I think it would be very difficult for him to stop now. As I stated before about his charismatic authority he is outspoken and that is why he has a lot of popularity among Americans looking for a change in Washington.

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