Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

Nice story. But there is another one. Bashar Al Asaad ruled Syria from 2002. In about 2010, Saudi Arabia and the United States and Israel desired to continue the longest pipeline ever — to continue its journey, it would have to run thru Syria to get to Turkey. So, they went to President Asaad and asked. He said “no.” Period. As history would have it, Middle Eastern leadership does not say “no” to Western desires (especially under Secretary of State Clinton) — ask Sadaam Hussein, Gaddafi. Suddenly, Assad joined Hussein, Gadaffi, the former president of Egypt, etc. in the “he’s killing his own people” narrative. Sound familiar? Then the rebels (i.e., American CIA) joined by ISIS and Al Queda began fighting the Syrian government. You mentioned Russia supplying arms to Syria. Well, SoS Clinton, approved the biggest arms deal ever to Qatar, who in turn supplied weapons & training to ISIS and Al Queda. I’m impressed by your long, narrative history. Perhaps you could research the history of American intervention and regime change in the middle east and the many leaders killing their own people before their countries are decimated and they are killed. This would have been the fate of Assad if it wasn’t for Russian protection. Interestingly, during this period, Clinton was using a private server and private email, and she deleted 30,000 emails before turning them over after they were subpoened. There is a possibility that those emails might have helped explain this story. By the way, Israel has already started building a pipeline in a part of Syria that she supposedly has conquered and is occupying.

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