On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Sounds like Hillary wrote this for you. These are the kinds of lies and exaggerations she comes up with. Bernie has never criticized Hillary for the Super Predator remark. When asked about it in the debate he said it was a racist term which it is, especially coupled with the slave term, “they must be brought to heel.” Any research you did on the crime bill would not have rendered you the bogus answer. How do you make a speech saying, “Mr. President, I am only voting for this bill because it contains the Violence Against Women Act, and the $1.8 billion which is sorely needed, and the Federal Weapons Ban, but there are other parts of the bill which I vigorously disagree with . . .” Read his speech. Watch Hillary on You Tube as she went all over promoting the bill, never mentioned the Violence Against Women Act — only the 3 strikes, prison expansion “so they will never get back on the streets.” And how do you explain her lying to NATO and the President in order to get the U.S. to attack Libya and kill Gaddafi and then laughingly proclaim as she watched them drag him through the streets and kill him, “we came, we saw, he died” (and then laugh as though it’s a joke). Bernie is sincere. He is not spouting slogans, he has been lobbying for justice & equality for 40 years and he has been consistent. Hillary is the one who has been consistently lying and changing her position. And she is owned by every special interest in the country. Her unfavorable ratings are only 10 points below Donald Trump. You don’t like Bernie? Over half of the country really don’t like Hillary.