All the stuff you’d figure out after working with me for a while, upfront!

About Me

My ideal work environment is fast-paced, with a very stable team, but a lot of variety in what I work on. Ten bug fixes in a week sounds like an okay week to me, but three months of working on the same feature, especially alone, would make me very restless. I’m generally happy to work on almost anything engineering-related because I like learning new stuff, but I particularly enjoy product-heavy work on features I can personally relate to.

Much like a Tamagotchi, I thrive under repeated positive reinforcement.

I consistently test ENTP, although I’m pretty sure every ENTP I’ve ever met has been an order of magnitude more outgoing than me. But I do like adventure, puzzles, chaos, and a good prank now and then. And sometimes, upon further reflection, I don’t agree with all of the things that I say.

That time I convinced a bunch of engineers to fill the sales pit with balloons

Known Bugs

Real time self awareness

Cowboy coding

Nowadays, I’m not quite so destructive to codebases, but I still struggle to write specs before implementing. I still forget to write tests sometimes. I still rely too heavily on code review. The worst of this usually comes out when I go on a tear and my stamina outlasts my common sense — one time, not that long ago, I submitted an impossible-to-review PR to delete a thousand lines of CSS at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday. #fixit

I really, really appreciate it when people point out simpler or more scalable ways to do things, and the longer I live with my own codebases, the more I learn to notice them myself.

Jill of all trades

I am not very T-shaped. I am maybe kind of W-shaped?



Speed of execution

A lot of my favorite projects have been sprints leading up to public launches. I’m also a big fan of passion projects, prototyping, and hack weeks!

Team spirit

Product judgement

Me, all the time


What do you look for in companies?
Cool product + empathetic people!

Why are you inserting a million console.logs everywhere instead of just using our browser-based debugging tool?
Look, I’m a simple life-form. Sometimes all I want is to load a page and see twenty >>>>>>HERE!s. Because I printed those! I did. Something I did is working.

Do you want to go get boba?

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