CES on a budget

This was the first year in many that I have attended the biggest conference in Vegas as a new business owner, in essence as a freelancer, with limited income. What a different experience!

I had an amazingly productive time. Great meetings, great networking opportunities, fantastic events at the LVCC and all around The Strip. I came away with more of a focus on what I want to achieve with my own business over the coming months. Plus I came away with a few new friends, which was unexpected and delightful :)

A CES Veteran ;)

What I learned…

· It is possible to do Vegas on a budget and still have a GREAT time

· There is so much more to Vegas than the Strip

· Staying off the Strip is not a terrible idea but it does have its drawbacks

· Thank SweetJesus that UBER is now available in SinCity (UBERPOOL is great for those on a budget)

· The Palms is beautiful and a great venue for everything VR, with a fanastic view of the Strip, but it is in another universe, let alone ‘just off the strip’. Even T-Mobile had no cell reception in this neighborhood, despite the T-Mobile arena being within spitting distance of the hotel :-/

· There is ALWAYS something to do, somewhere to go, someone to hang out with. To first timers, if you are ever at a loss as to where you should be, or what you should be doing, check out the official CES events page for all the latest and greatest options to help you feel at home in Vegas during CES. As Gary Vaynerchuck said on his last night at the conference, when you have such a high concentration of people in one space, going to bed early is not an option. #YouCanSleepWhenYoureDead

· HELPFUL HINT — As with every CES and every conference in general, you need to RSVP to every party you get an invite to. Too many options is better than no options at all

· SAFETY WARNING FOR WOMEN — Men in Vegas, specifically the ‘down and outs (or deplorables as they are more commonly refered to) seem to think they have a chance with any woman walking alone at day or night. I found myself in some interesting situations but managed to handle myself and walk away. Ladies, as always, be careful and always have your wits about you. 10/10 to the guys for effort though ;)

TOTAL COST 4 day trip with airfare, accommodation, transport and food and drink, $500. I didn’t go hungry, kept my dignity and I wasn’t a ‘cheapskate’. All in all a VERY successful Vegas conference.

Highlights from Day ONE at #CES2017

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