If you’re like me and have experience with web services and the paradigm of RESTful, web services, and SOAP APIs, but curious about event-driven, message based, or streaming APIs, this article is for you.

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I virtually sat down with these experts:

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Observe, learn from, and interact with the world’s best. It is absolutely fascinating to me that such a diverse community of people, whose goals for public speaking, leading, and communication may vary widely, could be met and exceeded by a local chapter of Toastmasters.

What do a high school student…

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What is the first thing a developer looks at when learning a new programming language, framework, or API? Most likely, they look up the documentation. Why is it important to understand how content for developers has evolved?

Understanding the evolution of documentation practices unlocks insights for continuously valuable ways to…

Emmelyn Wang

an American Technical Content Strategist specializing in engineering-focused developer advocacy for community engagement and to foster deeper B2B partnerships.

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