My mom came to visit!

On Tuesday, I headed down to London to meet my mom! It was just a quick trip, so we decided to spend the day in London and then head up to Leeds later.

We walked around for a bit and found ourselves in the British Museum. It was just as cool the second time! You could definitely spend forever in here and still not see everything. According to their website, they have 8 million objects. 8 MILLION.

Hi again, mummy cats!

My mom said, “Hey doesn’t that sculpture look kinda like that one guy from SpongeBob?”

I saw the sculpture on the left first and said, “oh, Squidward? yeah kinda!” Turns out she was talking about the one on the right.. Definitely Patrick.

We also learned that kids have been taking selfies for centuries:

And as a bonus, I give you this guy:

We had fun wandering around the city for a bit, with nowhere in particular to go. We found our way over to Big Ben and the Eye. The sun was starting to set and we knew we wanted to head up to Leeds soon. But what a perfect time to ride the Eye!

This was seriously the perfect time to ride. It was light enough so you could still make out all of the landmarks, but dark enough that all the building lights were starting to turn on!

It was awesome!

We made it up to Leeds, getting in around 10. We totally missed getting dinner in Leeds (our original plan) but the Eye was worth it.

The next day, my mom and I went to Harrogate. She had found online that there was a craft market going on, so we decided to check it out. After a quick train ride, we found ourselves in the middle of Harrogate with no clue where to go next or how to get there.

Luckily, it’s 2015 and we have smartphones! I found what we were looking for and it was 2 miles away. We debated for a while whether to get an Uber, rent a bike, or just walk it. We didn’t have any luck with the bikes and decided it would be scary to bike in a new city, anyway.

So we walked.

It ended up being a walk in the park. Literally- we walked through a park at one point. It was rough because about a mile of the walk was entirely uphill. Luckily it’s a picturesque city and the weather was nice.

We made it to the gardens, where the craft market was being held. It was a beautiful place, the downside being that it cost a bit to enter the gardens. We found our way to to the market and quickly realized this was a MUCH smaller venue than we had thought. Oh well, the gardens were still worth checking out!

Gorgeous day!

We also found an apple exhibition which was adorable but confusing. It looked like a farmer’s market but with just apples that weren’t for sale! I had no idea there were so many kinds of apples.

Apples for everyone!

They had a cute little outdoor café nestled in between all of this, so of course that’s where we got lunch.

Afterwards, we spent about an hour wandering around the gardens. They had everything!

What! Real grapes!

It was really fun. We decided to make our way back to the train station so we didn’t miss dinner with Jake for a second time.

This time, took the bus back.

We went to MeatLiquor because everyone that comes to Leeds deserves that experience. So good.

We also went to a neat rooftop bar. If it wasn’t so cold, it would be an ideal spot! Looking out over the city, next door to a church that’s older than America.

Oh, and their drinks don’t suck.

Pinky up!

The next day my mom was back to London for her flight back to the States. I was a little nervous for her having to navigate back to the airport by herself but I think she made it. I heard she even got first class 😉

It was a short visit but I’m glad we could meet up!

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