5 Lessons I Learned in The First Day of My No-Added Sugar Diet.

The enemy!

I am not entirely sure how it came to pass that I would be spending the next five days on this “no sugar added” diet that I randomly made up this weekend. In general I know it’s not the worst idea I have had, seeing as I am obese and highly addicted to sugar, but it was a wild hair in terms of the decision to go for it. There was no real catalyst outside of the fact that I felt like crap and recognized that I just eat way too much sugar. I am sure the constant Internet deluge of facts about the negative effects of sugar played a part.

The idea fermented over the weekend as I gorged on pizza, gelato, and Oreo Cookies that had pop rocks mixed in the filling (!!!). “You need to stop,” I told myself. Hell, I even surprised myself when I declared to my in-laws over Mother’s Day lunch that I would be cutting sugar from my diet this week. Later that evening I thought, “five days would be good; that would prove to myself that I can do it, but not make the goal so big that it feels insurmountable.”

So this morning I arose resolute in my decision. The rules were incredibly easy: just don’t eat anything with added sugar! If sugar was on the ingredient list, I would have to pass. However, anything with naturally occurring sugars — fruits and honey for example — I was ok to eat. It may not be the most perfect diet in the world, but for someone totally addicted to sugar, it’s a start.

Twelve hours in, I have learned these 5 things:

1.DO NOT DECIDE TO DO THIS ON YOUR PERIOD. I am not an idiot, I knew it was coming. Why on Earth did I decide to make this commitment now? As my cramps rolled in this afternoon I thought to myself, “well damn, now I can’t eat my feelings.” Hello, Chocolate, my old friend…no, resist!

2. Triscuits have no added sugar! I love Triscuits. I will eat them by the box! I love to have them with cheese as a midday snack, and I didn’t think through the fact that they might not fit on my new diet and I would therefore have to eat my cheese alone. I cannot tell you how relieved I was when I looked at my box and saw that sugar wasn’t listed.

3. La Croix might save my life this week. If there were a Kinsey Scale for Hipsters I would be a solid 3, and La Croix would be on the list of my top 10 Hisptertastic things I do. It has no added sugar. I will survive…with bubbles!

4. The First Day is Easy. I’m guessing it’s going to be like school though. I was always the model student on the first day of class: I took great notes, did my homework proactively, dressed appropriately for class, and read all of the readings. By the end of the semester, I would roll into class in pajamas with my un-brushed hair piled on my head, scribbling illegible notes (when I took notes!), and only having skimmed the reading while I was walking to class. How will I fare on sugar-free Friday?!

5. Tell your friends! My Facebook feed is often covered in sugar thanks to Tasty and Food Envy and the like, and today was no exception. So I made a joke about it on Facebook noting that I had decided to do this no sugar diet. I expected a few friends to comment that it was a fad diet, but instead I overwhelmingly got support. “You can do anything for 5 days!” “It’s tough, but worth it!” “Good luck!” It’s been nice and actually makes me want to try that much harder. I can’t let down my friends, right?

So today was good. But tomorrow is day two, and as Brene Brown says, “you can’t skip day 2.”

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