Day 2 of No Sugar: Grocery Shopping

That’s a lot of tomatoes.

So yeah, it probably would have been a much better idea have done the grocery shopping for this diet prior to having started it, but since I made the decision on a whim this is just not what happened. I wanted to strike while the iron was hot and not hold off. This meant I spent most of yesterday making things up (successfully!) as I went along.

I am lucky in the fact that dieting and generally eating better has been pretty much my goal since January so minus for a pack of Fireworks Oreo’s I wasn’t too bad off in the kitchen. In a late night sweep through the supermarket to get essentials on Sunday night I added a pack of fruit and a pack of veggies to hold me through Monday until I could get to the shopping on Tuesday. Why not just shop on Monday you ask? We don’t talk about Monday.

So today I wandered around my local Trader Joe’s reading labels. Yep. I have become that lady. The lady with her cart half full, stopped for long periods of time, right where you need to get something, reading the damn label! Here is what I learned today.

  1. SUGAR IS EVERYWHERE! I found sugar in a pack of cooked chicken. Cooked. Chicken. Why?
  2. Stick to the outside. I have heard it before and it is true, the outside is usually where all the good stuff is. Milk, cheese, meat, veggies, and fruits. Not there is much of an outside to Trader Joe’s, but it did keep me from the dreaded Trader Joe’s candy aisle, which is my Kryptonite.
  3. Don’t forget your commitment at the sample section. This is where I failed. Let’s face it, a bite won’t kill me. What is worse was that after I sampled the watermelon cooler I bought it on impulse and didn’t check the label until I was its guilty owner. It’s literally the second ingredient. Crap.
  4. BONUS: Avocados are on sale. Which means I will never own a house.

For the most part I made if home safely, no candy, only one bottle of watermelon cooler to save for a mini celebration this weekend, and with a plethora of veggies and fruits to get me through the week. I will deem that a successful day 2!

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