The Big Green Button

Resisting Dehumanised Research & the Corporate Constraint of Qualitative Insight


Don’t Fear the Increasing Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Corporate World Because It’s All Powerful, Fear It Because It’s Shit.

Or: Yeah, simplicity is cool but have you ever tried providing detailed descriptions of everyday life or professional practice?

original image adapted from @groupthinkco on twitter.

“Details are dismissed as unimportant, expertise as irrelevant. People who complicate things — which might be a good definition of an expert — are viewed with suspicion.” Ian Leslie

Remember ‘Digital’ Music?

What is Brand Solipsism?

Emmet Ó Briain

@ the margins of #mrx (@emmetatquiddity) & music (@yesboyicecream). I do qual at scale with language: quasi-corpus-discourse Analysis. Lay Ethnomethodologist.

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