I was the sole member in your audience

The only chair in the room

I helped you into your costume, and out of it too

I watched you in the kitchen, worshipped food that you made

You were doing the work, but I was the slave

You were the flour, I was the scales,

You filled me to overflowing, my measurements failed

Your ingredients were rich, I tasted as I went,

No container could hold it, I was losing my sense

We threw it in the oven on maximum heat,

Considering the mixture, this was some feat

It started to rise, bulging at the door

Its clear we were playing, with something so much more

Which part of me watches, which part is watched

How come one part of me hates you, and the other one loves

One part of me goes, whilst the other is stuck

This duality of existence, I’m all over the shop

Sometimes I’m in heaven, sometimes I’m in hell

Sometimes I’m the dog, sometimes you’re the bell

Sometimes I want to fuck, sometimes make love

Sometimes you’re the collar, sometimes I’m the glove

I tried to figure out who I was through her, walked down her street,

I meant nothing to her, just the washer that stopped the leak

I went through the windscreen, no seatbelt was needed

The airbag exploded, no warnings were heeded

I was fearless and reckless, how could I know

I ripped up the map, my resolve in tow

This part of the poem, may lose it rhyme

The words may match up, but it didn’t at the time

If you’ve been hurt by love, you’ll be on my side

Its easy to be closed, not so easy laying it on the line

This buffet of love, I filled my plate

The chef in the kitchen sealing my fate

I watch as the watcher, alone at my table

Seasons float by, the tendrils of the sun

The warmth on my face, but I want to run

The train at the station, I’m ready to depart

I always lose my ticket, I don’t have the heart

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