A brief overview and comparison between Pluto.jl notebooks and other development solutions for the Julia programming language.

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Are you a Julia developer who is sick and tired of Jupyter Notebook always getting in the way of your programming?

Me niether.

Despite my overall lack of need for a new notebook system, as I don’t even use the one I have that often, I decided to take a look at Pluto.jl …


The bread and butter of Julia: Syntactical expressions and multiple dispatch

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Today’s repo:


Over the past few tutorials, we have gone over some relatively basic programming concepts such as types, loops, and functions. …

An overview of programming paradigms and generics

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Since the release of the first high-level programming language, Plankalkül, and the resulting release of languages like FORTRAN and Common Lisp, programming languages have been pushing the envelope of what programming can be and what types can mean to a computer programmer. Often this is done through what is called a programming paradigm.

A programming paradigm is the concept by which the methodology of a programming language adheres to. Paradigms are important because they define a programming language and how it works. A great way to think about a paradigm is as a set of ideas that a programming language can use to perform tasks in terms of machine-code at a much higher level. These different approaches can be better in some cases, and worse in others. A great rule of thumb when exploring paradigms is to understand what they are good at. …

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