Mental Illness Is Not a Reality for TV and We Need to Stop The Madness
Ezinne Ukoha

Ezinne we all do and can blame all of those who have used us and you sharing your experience, I hope, makes others see charlatans and snake oil salesmen. However, our society tends to believe all the tv characters we see each day providing biased, unbalanced, and dangerous information. Even more so we can now watch what we want 24/7 not realizing that it is a addiction with consequences. What words are best used for describing issues, diseases, illness, imbalances, psychological and organic mental problems? The opposite of mental illness is not a lack of mental health. People with brain tumors may appear mentaly healthy and “sane.” As a consequence of the misguidance of the so-called experts on TV, we have confounded issues regarding mental conditions furthermore. Are behavioral changes problems? Is abuse of anything an addiction? Is frustration anger? Who should judge us? Who should help us assess everything we think, say or write? Who should we let in? As you wrote and others have posted, I agree that TV charcters should be the ones helping us achieve a “better” state of mental strength & happiness. Try to identify people you can trust with your life. In my opinion this is a small number, <5. Within this small group, can you find one or two that can help you with your feelings? Make sure you evade provocateurs or facilitators that may “hurt” more. Ask people and interview professionals that may help you. I hope you you are not alone and have found a helper.

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