The Secret to Mastering Your Time is to Systematically Focus on Importance And Suppress Urgency
Thomas Oppong

Good writing as usual. Discussion may help all those with ADHD or who have bosses with ADHD…A major caveat that I would bring up is that for your recommendations to be applicable lines of communication must be clearly set and understood. To be fair to the individual(s) making the team(s) doing the function or objective, the whole must be in sync and aware of the difference between the “sudden pressing distraction or urgent requests vs. the important & relevant tasks that MUST be met and have Higher priority” or it will be for not. Superiors must give clear commands with assigned priority and clear deadlines. There should be no throwing under the bus, especially if quarterly objectives were set prior to the urgent request. I believe it is best applicable & done in companies with <50 people where lines of communication are short. Thanks

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