Building my own website is not something I can say I ever thought I’d be doing. I used WIX to build my new website, but I didn’t use the Artificial Design Intelligence System. I used the standard option instead. Although using WIX is absolutely not the same as building a website from scratch, it does require much time, effort, patience, imagination and a certain je na sais quoi! WIX offers free photos to use throughout your website and themes to guide your website building. My first website was done through Shopify. The website was straight to the point with no real pizazz, ultimately it did serve it’s purpose. With the demand rising for my product I knew a new website would be a much needed compliment to my new found success!

Upon deciding to move my website from Shopify to WIX, I attempted to recruit the same individual who built my first website. It turned out that he was super busy and I would probably end up having to hound him to get what I needed done. Hounding is certainly not one of my best qualities. I’m much more of the ask a person for something once type of gal, if I even ask at all. I hate to feel like I’m being needy!

So, I pulled up my big girl pants, sat down with the system, and went to work. I must say initially I thought to myself what the heck did I just sign myself up for ! After trying to use the Artificial Design Intelligence system provided by WIX, I concluded that it was just not for me. The system basically did all the work for you! That was just too much assistance for my taste. I am a person that likes to learn by being hands on not someone showing me exactly what to do. I like to get in there , take things apart, and see how things work. Which was an excellent idea because it proved to me just how tech savvy I am ! From there I went on to playing with graphic design software and figuring out that I am pretty decent at graphic designing . Well, having a background in fashion design and being able to create art in several different mediums certainly helps too but nonetheless, you have to have an eye for these things.

After completing the site I can honestly say I’m impressed with what I created mostly because I didn’t know I was even capable of doing such. I love the site and I would love for others to give me some feedback on how they feel about it as well. Never limit yourself and your capabilities. You are much more creative and talented than what you think you are. Sometimes we are just too lazy and doubtful to make the discovery. Now go and create!

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