TEDGlobal para todos = a good reason to explore the collaborative Rio (and go to the beach !)

It’s not always easy to make sure if you are at the right place when you are looking for a collaborative space in Rio !
The address in your pocket, a quick look at the subway lines and on the city map et let’s go for aventure
The quest is fun
Surprises are at the corner of the rua

Once arrived at the address indicated, sometimes the place looks more like a family house, a glasses store or a clinic for heavy legs problems…
I am not making up stories, I swear !

You discover secrets parallels worlds with a bit of perseverance AND the help of the Cariocas who are really patients and always ready to help you in their musical language, in english or with sign language if no verbal language works, especially when you speak portugais like a french chicken as me …

Rio is magical and diverse, discovering the city is an endless joy

It is what I did going for one place to another to follow TEDGlobal’s live in several places on the list of the program « TEDGlobal para todos » set up for TED by Gwendoline de Ganay, a young franco-global lady who runs the blog Sustainable Brasil

It is a long list covering the town the city north to south and est to west
from Pavuna to Copa and Urca to Tijuca About 40 sites very different one to another

To make my choices and organize my schedule and transports in the huge and intense Rio de Janeiro, I picked the collaboratives spaces

I work on my Social Clubs project and this exploration was a great occasion to do ideas research and meet people

I could have go to cultural places, social or education centres, NGO… as a red line of my Carioca’s journey

Next time, outra vez…

Day 1

I almost failed ! Having found the right gate, the right door and someone to open it at Catete92, but arrived too early, the live simulcast was only happening there in the afternoon

Rushing since the 1st session of TEDGlobal 2014 was starting 15 mms later, I headed to Start Up Rio located in the same street following the advise of Laura, a kind coworker
Came long Paulo, an informatica instructor and psycho student, just like me he didn’t want to miss the beginning of the ideas worth spreading’s brain spa

Start Up Rio is a private-public initiative from the Rio de Janeiro’s state and private partners for the promotion of a « new entrepreneur culture, transforming Rio in an international hub for digital technology » as their website mentions
Classes, mentoring, financial support … means are consequent

The program started a few months ago, it is still a bit empty and the facilities don’t look yet like on the video presentation, but 1.000 m2 can’t be filled within 3 days !

Start Up Rio Soon to be…

After a great Session 1, enriched in South, here we went, Paulo and I chatting to check another space located in the area, la Casa 24

On the way we spoke about all kind of subjects : from teaching computer use to young entrepreneurs to use of ayahuasca in some religious practices in Brazil…while zigzagging in the busy sidewalks of Largo de Machado
Brazilians are really cool ☺

Casa 24

We finally discovered small and cute Casa 24 nested at the end of a charming micro street It’s a place for creative people & companies

Feijoada miam !

It was lunch time, session 2 was only starting at the beginning of the afternoon, so I found a good place to eat

and Paulo went back to his studies

I was back in time for session 2 at Catete 92,
a « house of free creation and learning »

This session was presenting the marvelous Alessandra Orofino for the projet Meu Rio)

Together with the live of TEDGlobal, our hosts Luisa & Felipe organized a very interesting graphic facilitation (facilitaçao gràfica) workshop and we practiced right away on the talks
Sharing, participation, creativity, generosity, cat to pet and pop corn « all you can eat »…. all the right conditions are gathered at Catete 92 to create an wonderful experience of collaboration, based on trust and experiment

Catete 92 ‘s life

Charges are payed by a participation fixed by each person freely, either for regular use or once in a while for conferences, work-shops, animations… For example, Laura works there everyday and throws into the participation bucket 300 to 500 reales (125 to 200$) every month

Catete 92's love&trust board

A board in the entrance of the house tells the level of funds reached day after day
Budget is balanced for 3 months now

Long life to Catete92
and to Zé the house cat !
Day 2

Today I jump in the subway heading North to station Presidente Vargas for mysterious Somos Goma

10 minutes walk in a less and less « touristic » area, the Gamboa, 2 minutes of hesitation at an anonymous door step of rua Senator Pompeu, in between two mechanic workshops and I enter this time again into a world nothing could let me predict from the outside : dozens of people are working there, two levels of shared spaces full of natural light and creatively designed

Session 6 was just starting, I grab a mat and a pillow to seat on the nice concrete floor of this beautiful warehouse, ask for the wifi password and here is Rodrigo Baggio talking about the huge work done by Center for Digital Inclusion for 20 years

I ❤ Roberto Baggio

5 talks and a mini concert later, I thank my hosts for their kind welcome before I head for more discoveries in the Botafogo area this time

Templo is waiting for me or rather not waiting for me It took me even more perceptiveness to understand that the garage’s door of this “saude et bem estar” clinic (health and well being) is the entrance of this coworking

Templo’s manifest : respect, honnesty and creativity

A 2nd space in Gavéa area (see Day 4), an efficient and cool management, 24 hours opening, 2 types of plan (flex&fix), an in house cook, a lab, a pool, a BBQ in the garden and plenty of creative & informal courses compose a very impressive proposition

This is what I was thinking while watching session 7 seated by the pool a fresh juice in my hand and pecking a fruit salad as the nice fresh air of the evening was cooling down on the “cidade maravilhosa”

Templo’s atmosphere
Day 3

I start my day by a visit to the MAR, the brand new renoved Rio’s Art Museum in the Saude area, a port area in total transformation

The construction of an elevated highway led to the destruction of a church and buildings of the 19th , today the vast concrete structure is now destroyed to make room for cultural, tourist, artistic places…
The wheel of city planning turns

“Art is the experimental exercise of freedom” Mario Pedrosa
From the MAR terrace

My visit ended let’s go to Urca, the peninsula that extends to the entrance of the Bay of Rio (Guanabara) and where the Sugar loaf stands

The atmosphere is deliciously relax in Urca
and the quiet pace contrats with the rest of the megapolis
Urca + Pao de açucar vintage

After a few camaroes and a nice pineapple juice (abagaxi) on the mythic bay, a quick stop at the IED, the beautiful European Institut of Design and its sandy creek (tempting to go swimming during class intersessions…) and I climb the slope of the discrete rua Sao Sebastiao

Urca = happiness on the bay

I would like to watch a few talks at Casa Cèu today

Isabella’s large smile welcomes me, then Graziella’s
They both manage this magical place neasted above the bay of Guanabara
This house is where Graziella grew up and the 5 levels are today dedicated to a co-living concept oriented towards art : artists residences, workshops, performances, happenings, exhibitions …
The place is meant to serve the needs of creativity

It’s generous, beautiful and inspiring
just like the view from the house in the sky

I promise myself to build a bridge over the atlantic between my Social Club in Bordeaux and the Casa Cèu in Rio …

Day 4
Last day of TEDGlobal, I run to Perestroïka

with my friend Caroline or rather behind my friend Caroline, as a good Carioca jumps from one sidewalks to another on a samba rhythm

Paris women have beautiful legs because they walk up Paris stairs and Cariocas because they run on the sand of the beaches of Copa or Ipanema in the morning
So Pérestroïka : a co-working space in a restaurant
The upstairs reception room is used as a collaborative work place during the day
But not only, since Perestroïka is well known for its creative, alternative, innovative classes given in 6 brasilian cities + San Francisco

Learn ! Together & differently

This morning the live is not available
Now it is a race against time not to miss last TEDGlobal talks for 2014 !

A taxi + 10 minutes later, Joao welcomes us with his great brazilian smile (bright white teeth) and his super kindness in Genesis, PUC ‘s incubator (prononce “pook” ;) the private university of Rio


For now, he takes us across the animated campus where in the shade of the tropical trees, students and teachers go about their business

I would love to go back to school here !

Let’s go to Templo Gavéa, the alter ego of Botafogo’s, I visited on Day 2 (remember the pool ?)
A nice and simple ancient house, a discret and neutral door … it’s always the lucky dip when the door opens …
Fabio, I met in Botafogo is here and also Graziella and Isabella de Casa Cèu Hello, bom dia, bonjour !
I now feel at home in the collaborative spaces of Rio ☺

We watch session 12 in the garden with some others, meanwhile dozens of people work, talk, meet or relax around us and the in house cook bustle and twitch in the kitchen

Bruno & Chris are saying thank you and good bye,
TEDGlobal 2014 is finished…
Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED

No time to give in to TED blues, the cook rings a big bell to call all the coworkers for lunch ! And everybody stops what they were doing to grab delicious stuffed tapioca pancakes and meet around Templo charming and wild garden

Templo’s garden, a coworking heaven

Letitia take us around the house for a visit The style is more bohemian than Botafogo’s She kindly presents us some of the resident companies, some have settled here since opening of the space, a year and a half ago

It will be a pleasure for me to come back later in the evening for the screening of the documentary Spark, the burning man story presented by the director Steve Brown
There I will meet a few friends TEDx ‘s organizers to end happily this exciting, inspiring and globally fantastic week of TEDGlobal South !

Le Rio “TEDGlobal para todos” tour
Now it is time to go to the beach !
Ipaaaaanemaaaaaa !

To know all the things I haven’t tell you about TEDGlobal and the 12 sessions’ talks of the of the 4 days conference : Live from TEDGlobal

And a last carousel ride before we say good bye …

… the most maravilhoso time lapse do mundo just for you !

Emmanuelle Roques www.emmroques.com

Rio de Janeiro — October 2014 ❤

Originally published at medium.com on October 13, 2014.