16 Oct 2015: People

Today I watched a couple incredibly closely. This isn’t an odd habit for me, but, nonetheless, this particular couple intrigued me. They were considerably older than I; perhaps, 60 or 70. They were so happy that I felt sick almost. He catered to his lovely wife’s every need and was (clearly) more than happy to do it. She smiled like she was 16 years old and on her first date. The love was radiating, and it was real. I did everything I could not to cry because the rarity was so clear.

I suppose the reason for this is my recent fall with social media. I have become less and less interested in my Facebook feed, which typically consists of dozens of spam posts and selfies. Why do we feel the need to display our beauty so frequently and so obviously? Do not get me wrong, I jumped on the train just as fast, and get a bit of a high when 100 people like my photo. As I get excited, I then remember the amount of time it takes for me to “like a photo.” Not too long.

There’s a particular case that I expend too much energy on getting annoyed with. For argument’s sake, let’s call her Lisa (to anyone named Lisa: that’s truly not her real name, so calm down).

Lisa tends to post about 70 selfies a day, and also has the normal “instagram famous” number of followers who do not give a shit whether she lives or dies. She values their “likes” so that she can obtain the swift bit of confidence she needs, and then she will post another when she’s feeling low. Sound a little like drug abuse, eh?

Each selfie is less special every time. Your face becomes so normal. Your features that were once special are now too familiar. Society pushes waiting to have sex, but what about waiting for the right person to share your beauty with? If I display my face, breasts, and made up nonsense all over the internet, would seeing me be as exciting? In fact, many times it’s disappointing because people falsely portray themselves.

I suppose I’ve gotten a little off track: back to Mr. and Mrs. Perfect (my old couple). When I saw the real communication and real love that was SO true I could feel it, my heart sank. Where is that anymore? I hate the internet…how ironic.

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