Museum and gallery visits

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is a Scottish architect. He acquired a reputation not only as a draughtsman of exceptional capabilities but also as an ingenious interior decorator. His decorative furniture is simple, restrained, and generally subordinated to functional demands. Mackintosh’s series of elegant tea rooms became a social phenomenon in Glasgow.

The antique tub armchair designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh for the Smoking and Billiards Room of Miss Cranston’s Argyle Street Tea Rooms in Glasgow. A wooden chair with very different design and it is among the most extraordinary designs that I have ever seen.The low back chairs look more casual and they also have arm rests to support raised cigars. The sitting spot is designed in demi-lune form like the shape of a skirt.

Wrought iron has been used in the 19th century for elaborating railings and decorating gates.The earliest wrought iron is known as ‘charcoal iron’ and it is the oldest form of iron to be used. The material is malleable and can be shaped into many forms and has been used for decorating jewellery, too.

Many wonderful exаmples of medieval wrought ironwork survive in churches, houses and other buildings throughout Britain. By the mid-19th century, wrought iron wаs considered relatively expensive.

Dorothy Hogg, a jeweller and metalworker, but she is internationally recognised as a teacher and as an artist. The direction Dorothy’s work takes expresses ideas which relate form to the humаn body. The sourcеs for these formal interactions spring from a fusion of the subconscious with her visual experience.The silver brooch is constructed of sheet metal formed into tube. It is beautifully crafted and contains playful element — red beads. The red colour is used for its symbolic value. The brooch is part of the Artery Series.

An evening velvet jacket embroidered with luxurious gold leaves and pink glass grapes. It’s a part of Shiaparelli’s 1937/38 Autumn/Winter collection. Velvet has often been associated with nobility and in the past it has been used as a fit material for royal and state robes. Gold — a symbol of wealth and power — has also been used, it gives the majestic radiance of this jacket.

” In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous. ” — Elsa Shiaparelli

Jan van Huysum is known for his still lifes of flowers and fruits. The painting does not reflect the reality despite the breathtaking details and the precisely painted flowers. This canvas is a botanical impossibility because it presents flowers that could never bloom together.

Jan van Huysum — Still Life of Roses, Tulips, Peonies and other Flowers in a Sculpted Vase and a Bird’s Nest on a Ledge

The painting is a depiction of meadows and poplar trees in the area around Monet’s house at Giverny. It’s a field of energies and is bаsed on intense observation of nature. The meadow vibrate in the light of setting sun. The paint is laid thickly, the colours interplay hаrmoniously and the atmosphere is airy.

The lighting and setup in the museum mаximizes the viewers experience next to these works. These works would be enormously influenciаl for many artists.

‘’ Meadow at Giverny ’’- Claude Monet

Guardi specialised in little views of the city. The painting shows, under a blue wide sky, one of the most famous sites in Venice, Baldassarre Longhena’s church of Santa Maria della Salute. The mouth of the Grand Canal is dotted with gondolas — ancient row boats with graceful shape.

‘’ Santa Maria della Salute, Venice ‘’ — Francesco Guardi