One setting that did bring connections with the Spirit for many of us was nature; being among the trees, animals, and the elements can be enough to feel the Holy Spirit moving and working in the universe. We envision a Spirit that does not want to oppress or stomp out, but to allow for human flourishing.
1/19/16 — Feminist Theology and the Holy Spirit
Feminist Theology Group 1

This makes me wonder, what is it about God’s creation that causes us to feel a connection with the Spirit. Is it because creation is a reflection of God? Or tells us something of the beauty and life-giving nature that exists in the presence of God’s Spirit? It could be many things I suppose. I also love that it is written here that the Spirit does not want to oppress or stomp out, again here, I am caused to pause and reflect upon the nature of God as giver and not taker of life.

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