Death to Autocue

Moment of silence

It’s time to put the past behind us

Respond please to this state of crisis

The fire line has reached the height of finiteness

We both got burned but we survived it

I’m glad we reached this point of hiatus

By all accounts this former fight be rendered lifeless

Don’t forget I once thought of you as priceless

But you couldn’t see your reflection in the depth of my irises

I forfeited the match cos I thought I was worthless

I don’t want to be perfect but I’m sick of winning second best

And you were never my knight in shining night-ness

So why did I mistake my place as your mistress?

It’s been a long time since I was inclined to confess

After all, it’s always easier to self-edit on the Internet

Release my solar plexus from the depths of distress

Dragged down by my old testament

Detrimental to my inner sense of self-respect

The disintegration of my higher self became self-evident

Lord I need a witness

This is more than just a secular event

This sacrosanct act remains a sacred tenet

What the world needs now is more tenderness

The only response I can offer is righteousness

Shine a little lightness on the inner sect of your holy text

Take time to inspect the intersect of your introspect

And I’ll try to alight the steps towards Aurora Borealis

I’ll meet you at the line where high life meets ego death