Lover/Fighter (Part Two)

I always thought that you could be

Someone other than your predetermined destiny

In a bid to set you free

I thought that I could reincarnate ye

To highlight the sense of hypocrisy

Maybe we only saw what we wanted to see?

Could you not see that I wasn’t ready to flee

From the cloud inside of which we’d spun this dream?

Cos I gave all of me to thee for free

And I was the one who ended up ended up empty

Why did I give my dignity away so easily?

I guess I held on too tightly to the belief

That I was still your chesm-uh-bie

If only I could have found the key

To unlock the clock that made you tick

I’d be able to tick you off my list

And finally be able to cease and desist

With this tiresome plea

I know you may disagree

But it keeps coming back 360 degrees

I can’t shake the feeling

There remains some deeper meaning

Behind you and I meeting

If I were to lay down the final decree

I’m seeking to appease the grief and achieve relief through

This self-prescribed debrief

Cos every time I’ve seen a sign of you since it kills me

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