Round Three

They say we accept the love we think we deserve

Maybe that’s why I always had you on reserve

Because I didn’t possess the strength to self-preserve

I apologise if my advances verged on absurd

You’re powerful I was attracted to that

I watch from the sidelines like I’m waiting to bat

Why can I only talk to you through battle raps?

It’s best to avoid getting caught in the sack

For a long time I had to keep me under wraps

I used to think you were the leader of the wolfpack

But I now know there’s a dead end at the end of this cul-de-sac

As we emerge from the cocoon like Kendrick on Tupac

Maybe we’re as transparent as Clingwrap

You don’t pick up what I’m laying down

C*ntry Lyf allowed me to reclaim my flower crown

This self-professed poetesse rode back into town

The birds on my Island sing “Here and Now, Here and Now

To hitch a lift from’s creative outlet

I sensed we was conflicted from the outset

You made me feel small and inadequate

Now you tell me you want to be more considerate?

I’m yet to see evidence of this sentiment

How did I find myself in this predicament?

Choosing between the right to fight or to cease and desist

Of which you seem to have been the catalyst

By some f*cked up stroke of fate you also make us feel famous

Your ability to tame this temptress verges on heinous

We all want to be included in your kilometre radius

Your star shines so bright I may’s well be Uranus

I never believed you could be that disingenuous

How could you treat your own heart with such carelessness?

Despite the doubt I gave you the benefit

I guess I’ll never get to cash in that pound of flesh

Imaput your Wile E. Coyote on indefinite Hiatus

To pen these thoughts on paper is cerebral catharsis

I’ll accept the sentence that your silence is adequate notice

I’ll ask nothing more but please treat me with respect

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