Short Sweet Stack

With skin of alabaster my shine illuminates

Gold-plate heart swathed in obsidian slate

I may look easily swayed but I ain’t that easy to break

Mama always said when you fall in the slip-lane

Switch lanes with dignity and grace

Touch the tip of the blade

Cut me and I’ll turn a darker shade

Watch me bleed stain the sheets the bed’s easily remade

It’s a belated playdate between love and hate

When you asked the time of day

I blew so many dandelions your way

And we blew so many chances away

Since we’re even now what else is there to say?

I’ll whisper you sweet nothings to ensure your fears remain allayed

Though my wings got singed whilst the storm raged

I sought solace in the brighter skies of a better day

I can give but I can’t take

From Time like Jhéne and Drake

Where once I lay awake in wait

I’m sorry to say you came too late.

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